About Us

We started our journey on Etsy as - Premium Paper Products. Over 4 years of success we finally have evolved over to being suppliers of many variety of products! We continue to bring you variety of products. Most of our products (not all) are Made in USA & Handmade. 

Our mission is to help you embrace a more holistic, sustainable lifestyle. We believe that a truly eco-friendly lifestyle should be one that is both enjoyable and easy to adopt, while also creating a positive impact on the world around us.

We believe in a world with less plastic pollution and more sustainability. We’re fighting against the global epidemic of single use plastic by tackling this global problem one step at a time.

Make your impact on the planet by choosing products that are made from renewable resources, recycled content, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

EcoHolisticLiving is a new collection of natural, organic, and cruelty-free personal care and home products.

EcoHolisticLiving was founded on the belief that each of us can contribute to positive change in our communities and planet. Our products have been developed with a focus on sustainable living, quality, natural ingredients and creating an enjoyable user experience.

We personally test our products before selling them to our customers to ensure the highest quality and durability. 

** All our packaging material is made of recycled materials - they can be reused or recycled.
** Biolefin · 100% Biodegradable Plastic Shrink Wrap

Contact us: premiumsuppliestexas@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting our small business!