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Disposable Plastic Plates - 6" Gold Lattice Border

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* 6" white plate with gold lattice design gives you the appearance you want with the convenience you need!

* It's disposable to eliminate time wasted washing dishes, and has none of the related storage and transport costs of real china.

* Plus, the attractive appearance makes it ideal for elegant dining environments where real china simply isn't feasible or desired!

*** BPA Free This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.

*** Recyclable

***Durable Made of durable polystyrene, this plate gives you superior strength and durability without the hefty cost and risk of breakage that comes with fine china

*** Lightweight

*** Versatile

*** Not Microwavable ***

**** All items in the picture are captured in light, color may vary due to the nature of product and color.