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9" Round Natural Bagasse Disposable Plates

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* Material: Sugarcane / Bagasse

* Dimensions: Top Diameter: 9"

* OK Kosher This product is certified Kosher by OK Kosher.

* Made from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, this product is both compostable and biodegradable, which allows you to decrease your carbon footprint.

* It also requires much less energy to produce than plastic products to conserve energy and resources.

* It is an ideal alternative to plastic or foam for any establishment seeking sustainable, environmentally friendly dinnerware options.

* With an unbleached design, there is no need to worry about dyes or colors mixing with your signature offerings.

* Microwave Safe This item can safely be used in the microwave for food service applications.

* Biodegradable Upon disposal, biodegradable products are capable of being broken down by biological microorganisms, without harming the environment.

* Compostable Compostable products will naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials when disposed of with other compostable items in limited areas where facilities exist, leaving no visible or toxic residue.

* Freezer Safe This item can withstand low temperature applications and is safe for freezer storage.