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Gold Heavy Weight Disposable Plastic Forks

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* Dimensions

  • Length: 7 1/4"
  • Width: 1 1/4"

* Material: Polystyrene

* Providing the look and feel of a gold-plated fork at a fraction of the cost.

* Because it is disposable, you won't have to waste any extra time washing large quantities of dishes, or worry about expensive silverware being accidentally thrown away!

* The disposability offers tear-down convenience for servers and catering staff, without affecting the overall dining experience of patrons.

* Heavy Weight Design It might be disposable, but this fork features a heavy weight polystyrene design to give it extra strength and a sturdy feel in hand.

  • This prevents the fork from bending, breaking, or snapping, even when being used to eat heavier foods.

* Glossy Gold Finish The shiny gold finish and elegant handle gives this plastic fork the appearance of gold-plated silverware.

*** All items in the picture are captured in light, color may vary due to the nature of product, color, and material.