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4" Drink Umbrellas Parasol Picks

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* Dimensions: 4"

* Use each colored paper umbrella to decorate drinks, snow cones, tropical chicken salads, and even cupcakes if you're looking to create an exotic or island theme and feel.

* Create a memorable experience for your guests!

* Eye-Catching Colors There's no need to decide on one color because this assorted box contains umbrellas in pink, orange, blue, and yellow.

* Each color also incorporates a different flower design to further accent your foods and drinks.

* Your tropical menu will be complete with this decorative accent!

* Sharp Toothpick These umbrellas are as functional as they are pretty. A toothpick end can be used to skewer fresh fruit for drink garnishes, or to hold sandwiches together. The sharp point will make sure this umbrella stays in place and it's sturdy enough that it won't break apart in your guests' drinks.

* Easy to Open This classic umbrella design is easy to open for quick, effortless service.

* Disposable Once your guests have finished, throw out this disposable umbrella and grab a new one.

*** All items in the picture are captured in light, color may vary due to the nature of product, color, and material.