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Bamboo Dish/Veggie Scrubber

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* Bamboo
* Sisal Bristles

* ROUND BRUSH (DARK BRISTLES) - The dark bristles are made of tough fibers

* ROUND BRUSH (LIGHT BRISTLES) - The light bristles are made of sisal, and the handle adopts bamboo wood, easy to clean and reapply, suitable for cleaning iron frying pans, steel pans, sinks, grills and more

** OVAL BRUSH - This veggie brush is an earth friendly alternative to all-plastic brushes or sponges, but it’s not entirely plastic free. It’s durable with a comfort grip and easy to use with just the right amount of stiffness and sturdiness, designed for washing Fruit and Veggie.

* Strong Decontamination and Heat Resistance:
       * Wooden dish brush is a flexible and sturdy cleaning tool, ideal for heavy duty cleaning, like corners and stubborn stains, which can be applied in boiling water and feature nice stain removal power;

* Besides, with smooth notches to fit your hand comfortably to reduce stress while cleaning

* Reusable and Easy to Clean:
        * Bamboo scrub brush can be applied for a long time, it is recommended to wash by hand and air dry naturally;

*** Please do not soak in water for a long time; Owing to pocket size, this brush is light and convenient to carry, suitable for barbecue or clean outside, you can put it in bags effortlessly

* Ideal Size and Long Service Life:

* Wood dish brush is about 2.56 x 3.16 inches, small and beautiful, not only can be applied to clean the kitchen, but also can be applied to clean your bedroom, bathtub and most of your other clarity needs, with a cozy and fresh color to fit your home well

* Compared to sponge and steel wool cleaning tools, our brush can clean better and last longer

* Solving Your Cleaning Worries:
          * If you are are bothered by oil stained pans and long term accumulation of stains, our bamboo veggie brush can offer you a simple way to solve the problem, with large quantity to use and replace, suitable for kitchen, garden, bedroom and so on

* Owing to cute size, you can guide your children to use it, which can improve their hands on abilities

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